Better Business Club

Creating a business that works for you

The 12-month Better Business Club programme is designed to help you build a business that makes more money, has an effective team, and structure, that allows you to reclaim your time and be able to do the other things you love in your life.

Take control of your business in 2021

Award-winning Business Coach, Sean Purcell is genuinely passionate about helping entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and enable them to live the life they truly want. Based on his experience, he has established that business challenges boil down to three things:

1. How to make more money

2. How to build a team and a structure to run the business

3. How to find ways to reclaim time to do the other things you love in life

Most business owners experience one, two or all three challenges along the way - they have a dysfunctional team, are working 60-70 hours a week, their systems are not working and they have little money at the end of the process.

If that sounds familiar, then Better Business Mastermind is for you! 
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"Through Mastermind I have met a group of business owners, all of whom share a similar aim – to reach their goals in business and live the life they dream of."
Toby Freeman, Robin Cancer Trust
“Sean has encouraged me to start learning again. Without Sean, my business wouldn’t be where it is now. It’s the accountability, as much as anything else, that’s allowed me to push things on."
Rik Cridland, HayPigs!
"I have only been working with Sean for a little over 3 months but I already feel like I have a clearer picture on what I need to do to achieve my goals in business.”
Stuart Burge, TaxAssist Accountants

Why Better Business Mastermind?

The Mastermind programme is designed to help you build a business that can work without you. Over 12-monthly one day workshops you’ll discover the tools and strategies to take your business to the next level - including everything from financial planning, recruitment and building a brand. 

The course also includes 4-days worth of business planning workshops, ad-hoc support from Sean, access to an online portal to track your goals and closed social media groups to share your thoughts, experiences and advice with your fellow Mastermind cohorts.

Better Business Mastermind is not for everyone and we only seek to work with serious entrepreneurs who are prepared to put the hours in to grow their businesses. Through our interview and selection process, we identity the people who want to draw a line under the past and move forward to a place of learning, challenge and inspiration.

To find out more, or to apply to take part in Better Business Club, please get in touch with Sean for an informal chat.
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Rediscover your choice

We believe business owners should be supported to create a business that gives them choice – the choice to continue working and grow your business, or to take a step back and keep the business as an investment.

A lack of choice is what is at the heart of most of the entrepreneur’s frustrations, and a lack of choice stems from not having the visions, plans, systems, measurements, and people in place to take the business forward.

Living a life of fire-fighting prevents you from making great decisions from a place of freedom and choice - Better Business Mastermind will help you move away from fire-fighting and in to true business building.

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